Why should you choose a CMS like WordPress or PrestaShop over a platform like Wix?

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Are you thinking of creating a website for your business or personal project? Are you undecided about whether to use a platform like Wix, Tiendanube or a CMS (content management system) like WordPress or PrestaShop? In this article, we present 10 reasons why it is more convenient to run your website on a CMS instead of a platform. From greater control over the web design and functionality of your site, to greater flexibility in the design of web pages and greater security. CMSs allow you to scale your site as your business grows, use your site to generate revenue, and display professionalism to your visitors and clients. Below, we present each of these reasons in detail and how they can benefit your business or project.

What is a CMS?
(content management system).

A CMS (content management system or content management system in English) is a software used to create and manage the content of a website easily and without the need for advanced technical knowledge. Some of the tasks that a CMS can perform include:

Create and publish web pages.
Manage images and other multimedia files.
Create and manage users and roles.
Allow the creation and publication of content by multiple authors.
Provide statistics about site traffic.

A CMS is generally made up of two parts: a user interface through which users can create and manage content, and a database that stores content in an organized manner.

Advantages of using a cms.

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Greater control over web design:

By using a CMS you have full control over your website and can customize the design of your web pages to your liking without having to worry about additional costs. On platforms like Wix, each addition implies an additional monthly cost. This means that you can choose the design you like best, add or remove functionality and make any changes you want without any extra maintenance costs.

Greater flexibility in the design of web pages:

With CMS you have access to thousands of free and paid templates and plugins that allow you to adapt the design of your website to your needs and those of your visitors more efficiently. This gives you greater flexibility to create your own website that fits your goals and your brand image, while on wix-like platforms these options are usually paid only.

Greater ease in creating content and updating your website:

These systems like WordPress or Prestashop, once the web is designed, are also very intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. This allows you to update and manage your site more easily and quickly, without having to know code or have previous experience creating content for websites.

Greater capacity for growth in the design of web pages:

You can scale your website as your business grows and you need more space and resources, with both free and paid options. With a Wix-type platform, the costs of scaling are much higher.

“You have full control over your website and can customize the design of your web pages to your liking without having to worry about platform restrictions”

Greater opportunity of monetization in the design of web pages:

You can use your website to generate revenue through advertising, affiliates, and other monetization methods. When using a platform, you may have to share your earnings with the platform or have fewer monetization options available to you.

Greater professionalism in the design of web pages:

By using a CMS, you are using a proprietary website design tool that is used by thousands of professionals around the world. This shows your visitors and customers that your website is professional and trustworthy. Using a platform can give the impression that your site is less professional.

Greater community and support in the design of web pages:

By using a CMS you have access to a large community of developers and users who can help you solve problems, add functionality and improve the performance of your site. This is especially helpful if you have questions or need help during the process.

Greater integration with other tools and services in the design of web pages:

CMS can be integrated with a wide variety of tools and services, allowing you to expand the functionality of your site and improve the experience of your visitors. For example, you can integrate your site with email, marketing and online sales services, among others. By using one platform, you may have fewer integration options available to you.

“You can use your website to generate income through advertising, affiliates and other monetization methods”


We conclude that although in some cases the options of platforms such as Wix can be adapted to the needs of the entrepreneur at an initial stage, in the medium term their cost and limitations will be much higher than those of using a CMS. This type of platform allows you to create a website at a very low initial cost since the simplicity of its tools means that the entrepreneur can design it on their own, but then they will be held hostage to their memberships and payments for functionalities year after year. Creating a website that is not yours.

On the other hand, the CMS usually suppose a higher initial cost since for the inexperienced user they require the help of a professional, but said cost is amortized in less than a year. The only cost that it will have to carry is about 5 euros per month for the hosting where the web is hosted. Web that is now its own, that the client can download, can move to the hosting or domain that they want and when they want.

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