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Just like when our cell phone rings and when we answer it we find ourselves on the other side with an operator who is trying to sell us something, when we receive an e-mail with direct and explicit advertising we already predispose ourselves badly to receive the message that they want to transmit to us.
Sometimes the value proposition that comes to us may even be good, or solve a need that we have at that moment, but we are so overwhelmed by the amount of information and amount of promotions that we receive every day that we are simply not willing to listen.

Email mkt within the digital mkt plan

E-mail marketing is one of the first techniques used in digital marketing (it has been with us since before social networks) and consists of using e-mail as a means of communication to promote your product or service, be it for commercial purposes or loyalty.

Some of the benefits of this technique are its low costs as well as the flexibility in the treatment of contents, that is to say, it is possible to send an electronic magazine, a piece of news, a survey as well as offers of products or services. You can also send personalized emails, for example, incorporating the user’s name or speaking to him in a closer and more colloquial way.

So… considering all that flexibility… why do brands insist on just sending us promotions and trying to force a sale… With the tools we have today, (many of them free) the possibilities they are infinite. Below we will develop some ideas to make your campaigns more effective, but don’t stop there… the possibilities are as wide as your imagination.

“Some of the benefits of this technique are its low costs as well as flexibility”

Advantages of email marketing

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Low cost:

Compared to other forms of marketing, email is relatively cheap.

Easy measurement of results:

it is easy to measure the success of such a campaign through metrics such as the number of clicks, conversions and bounce rate.


Email allows companies to customize messages and special offers for different customer segments.


most people have access to an email and check it frequently, which means they are easy to reach through this channel.


once a quality mailing list has been built, a large number of people can be reached quickly and effectively.

Grow an audience

It seems that it falls from maturity… but it is worth saying that the first thing we need to send an e-mail marketing is to have someone to send it to. So we must build our audience from scratch.
I like to work with the premise that here quality is better than quantity. We look for an audience that is really interested in a proposal in order to achieve leads or conversions.
A good strategy to achieve this is to offer them free value content in exchange for their subscription to our list. In a gastronomic venture it can be some recipes, in a tool store information on how to use them safely or projects to do at home, etc.
In this way, the public that will subscribe to the list are people who are interested in that subject and therefore will be more open and permeable to receive information about your product or service and eventually acquire it.

Do not do direct advertising

Unless the value advantage that you offer the user is too high and they can perceive it as a real benefit (a great discount, a limited edition in pre-sale or something that they could only acquire through this channel) do not fall into the temptation of direct mail … we are simply tired of receiving it.

Have a plan

The shipments should not be isolated but be part of an omnichannel marketing strategy. The mailing campaign must be inserted within a marketing plan. The content should not necessarily be the same as in social networks or other guidelines, since the ideal is to make small adaptations according to the target audience of each channel, but the message must be consistent and unequivocal. The identity of the brand, the virtues of the product or service and its value proposition must be completed by complementing the different tools that we have.

And just as it is important to have a comprehensive communication and marketing plan, you must have a specific plan for your mailing strategy.
The successive shipments must not be isolated and this plan must also have a certain duration in time to later be able to measure its results.

Don't look for immediate results

This marketing technique requires building customer loyalty to be effective. Gaining confidence in us will allow you to receive our message in a more favorable way.
If we start by providing valuable content for free, they will surely be willing to click on the next shipment, if we then provide use cases and advantages that our product or service can provide and how it can satisfy their need, we will generate a relationship.
Thus, when deciding to cover that need, we will already be positioned in their minds and we will have built a relationship.

Analyze campaign metrics

As we said before, after applying the plan we must measure the results. With the tools available today, there are many measurement possibilities… how many people actually received the email, how many opened it, how long did they stop to read it on average and who accessed our website from there or the call to action that we have proposed therein. These are just some of the things we can measure.
Setting objectives is essential to later see if we were able to achieve them and if not, see what we can correct to improve and make our campaign more effective. There are tools such as A – B tests, which allow us to send two different messages, each one to the middle of a mailing list, so that we can then compare and see which of the two was more effective.

Tools you can use:

Some of the most used solutions are:


Constant Contact:




These pages offer various functionalities to create and send email campaigns, as well as tools to measure and analyze the results. Some of them also offer integrations with other marketing and sales tools, such as CRMs and contact forms on websites.

It is impossible to cover all the possibilities offered by email marketing tools in an introductory post like this.
But in future posts we will continue sharing tips and ideas so that you can make your campaigns more effective in different online marketing channels.


En conclusión, el e-mail marketing es una técnica de marketing altamente efectiva que ofrece muchas ventajas. Es relativamente barato, fácil de medir y permite la personalización y el alcance masivo. Además, es accesible y fácilmente disponible para la mayoría de las personas a través de sus cuentas de correo electrónico. Si se utiliza de manera estratégica y con enfoque en el cliente, el correo electrónico marketing puede ser una herramienta muy poderosa para impulsar el engagement y las ventas.

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