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Digital Innovation for an Unparalleled Travel Experience:

In an exhilarating technological consultancy and digital strategy project, we closely collaborated with Tu Punto Viajes, a prominent Chilean travel agency. Our goal was to enhance their online presence and provide a more functional and interactive user experience.

The agency’s motto, “We take care of organizing everything so you can enjoy to the fullest. From itinerary planning to booking accommodation and activities, leave the logistics of your trip in our hands. Just focus on living unforgettable moments while we ensure everything is perfectly organized for you,” truly encapsulates their commitment to their customers.

To make their website an even more effective tool, we incorporated a feature allowing visitors to explore the various travel packages Tu Punto Viajes offers in a clear and organized manner. This provides users with the ability to access detailed information about the packages and select the option that best fits their needs, similar to the way we’ve organized content on our blog.

Furthermore, we bolstered the agency’s capability to self-manage travel package information. This gives them the control to update and modify package details simply and in real-time, ensuring they always offer accurate and up-to-date information, a feature we’ve emphasized in our article on how to optimize your online presence with Google My Business.

As part of the process, we provided training to the Tu Punto Viajes team on site administration, ensuring they are equipped to maintain and enhance functionality and content.

The Outcome: A highly functional and aesthetically pleasing website that perfectly caters to the needs of Tu Punto Viajes. User interaction saw a notable improvement, with a significant increase in inquiries through the contact form.

Technology in Action: We utilized WordPress as the CMS to achieve these objectives, a platform we’ve discussed in our article on why you should choose a CMS like WordPress.

We are thrilled to have been a part of Tu Punto Viajes’ digital transformation. If you’re looking to boost your online presence and functionality, we’re here to make it happen, as we’ve done for numerous clients showcased on our website.


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