COMPANY: Samburu Travel

INDUSTRY: Tourism Company


Digital Technology and Marketing Consultation: We recently undertook a digital technology and marketing consultation project for Samburu Travel, a Spanish travel agency. The project’s aim was to enhance their online presence and draw more customers to their website.

We began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of their website and online presence, pinpointing areas of opportunity and those that needed improvement. Based on this assessment, we crafted a digital marketing strategy that encompassed a complete redesign of their website, SEO strategies, online advertising campaigns, e-mail marketing, and social media presence.

We also provided training to the team on digital marketing techniques, including search engine optimization, ensuring they could sustain and build upon the work we had done.

Brand Image: We worked on developing their complete visual identity. This included designing a logo that encapsulated the brand’s essence, representing its values and philosophy, selecting a color palette that complemented the logo, defining typography, graphics, and visual elements to be used in the brand, all with the aim of creating a consistent and memorable visual experience.

Web Design: We collaborated with the company to create a modern and functional website that could effectively showcase the various tourism packages they offer, aiming to improve their conversion rates.

Custom Plugin Development: We developed a custom plugin that queries the database of their provider, Negoplanet, in XML format and automatically displays this information in a format that’s both accessible and customizable by the website’s editor.

Blog Development: We set up a blog with relevant categories to enhance the website’s SEO.

SEO: Throughout the process, we also optimized the site for SEO, incorporating relevant keywords into the content and ensuring each page was optimized for fast loading. The end result is a highly functional, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing website that perfectly meets our client’s business needs.

Technologies Used: To achieve these objectives, we used WordPress as the CMS and developed a custom plugin to fetch and display information from the tourism package provider.

Achievements: There was a significant increase in the number of inquiries through the website’s contact form.

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