COMPANY: Punto zoe s.a.

INDUSTRY: Wholesale and retail sale of fashion accessories.


Web Design: We developed an online store with interfaces for stock integration with the Zoologic system.

Technologies Used: To achieve these objectives, we used WordPress as a CMS with the Woocommerce plugin to develop a multi-level and multi-role online store. Depending on the type of customer (wholesaler, retailer, or franchisee), different product options and prices are displayed.

Visual Identity: We worked on the complete development of their visual identity. This included designing a logo that reflected the brand’s essence, representing its values and philosophy. We also defined a color palette that complemented the logo, typography, graphics, and visual elements used in the brand, aiming to create a coherent and memorable visual experience.

Graphic Development and Custom Packaging Solutions: We created custom designs for products and their subsequent production. This includes conceptualizing the visual aesthetics, graphic design, and selecting appropriate materials for packaging. The purpose of this service is to ensure that products are presented attractively and consistently with the brand while being adequately protected during transport and storage.

Integration: with Google my Business and Google Analytics.

SEO: Throughout the process, we also optimized the site for SEO, including relevant keywords in the content and ensuring that each page was optimized for fast loading. We integrated the site with Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram Business.

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