R8 Eventos deportivos




COMPANY: R8 Sports Events

INDUSTRY: SME dedicated to the organization of sports events


Management and Administration Consultancy: In our consultancy service, we collaborated with our clients to enhance their internal processes and maximize organizational efficiency. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of operations, offering tailored solutions to meet each company’s unique needs. Our focus was to understand each client’s objectives, ensuring a customized service. Continuous training and advice were also provided, aiming to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Brand Image: For R8 events, we crafted a complete visual identity. This included designing a logo that encapsulated the brand’s essence, a color palette that complemented the logo, typography selection, graphics, and other visual elements. The goal was to create a consistent and memorable visual experience.

Web Design: Collaborating with the event organizers, we developed a modern and functional website tailored to their business needs. The emphasis was on an intuitive user experience, easy navigation, and a consistent visual aesthetic across all pages.

Integration: with Google my Business and Google Analytics.

SEO: The website was optimized for SEO, incorporating relevant keywords and ensuring each page was primed for swift loading. The end result is a highly functional website that’s both visually appealing and perfectly suited to our client’s business needs.

Custom System Development: We developed a custom system for the accreditation of registered runners.

Technologies Used: To achieve these objectives, we employed WordPress as the CMS, integrated with the Woocommerce plugin. This setup facilitated the creation of a registration platform that stored records in a MySQL database. These records were then exported based on the requirements of the Run on Ruffus by Macsha Chronos system, which used RFID technology for event timing.


  • Exceptional public reception and simplicity in the registration and accreditation process for races.
  • Successful database integration with the timing system.
  • Implementation of online registration payments, preventing bottlenecks on the event day.

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