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Title: Enhancing Online Positioning for

Date: September 2023

Author: NFT Smart Design

NFT Smart Design is pleased to announce the successful results of our SEO strategy implemented on, the website of the renowned legal procurator Bea. Our comprehensive approach has significantly improved its visibility and search engine positioning.

Tasks Accomplished:

  1. Keyword Analysis: We conducted an extensive keyword analysis to identify relevant terms that would drive traffic to the website. Learn more about keyword analysis in our blog.
  2. On-Page Optimization: We enhanced the website’s structure and content to ensure its relevance and accessibility for both users and search engines.
  3. Content Strategy: We developed and optimized high-quality content that highlights Bea’s experience and services, enhancing her authority in the legal field. Discover more about content strategies in this article.
  4. Link Building: We implemented a link-building strategy to improve domain authority and search engine ranking. More about link building in this external link.

The work done on is a clear example of how an effective SEO strategy can transform a professional’s online presence. If you’re interested in improving your online positioning, contact us. At NFT Smart Design, we specialize in taking your business to the next digital level.

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