Title in English: “Kee Rose: Web Innovation in Compliance with Canarian Regulations”

Date: August 2023

We’re proud to unveil our recent project with Kee Rose, a prominent company in Spain representing the SUPERDRY and HAVAIANAS brands. In an effort to adhere to the regulations of the Transparency Commission of Canarias in Claro, we collaborated closely with the company’s tax advisors to design a website that not only meets the Canarian Government’s regulations but also embodies the essence of the brands they represent.

Tasks Accomplished:

  • Web Design: Our team worked hand-in-hand with Kee Rose’s tax advisors to craft a website that meets the specific requirements of the Transparency Commission of Canarias in Claro.
  • Technologies Used: For this endeavor, we chose WordPress as the CMS, perfect for developing a static website that aligns seamlessly with the Canarian regulations.

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