Title: Collaboration with Founderz: Bootcamp on Generative Art in NFT

Date: [Publication Date]

We’re thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Founderz, an innovative e-learning platform in the metaverse. Our mission was to conduct a comprehensive Bootcamp on generative art in NFT, spanning from the fundamentals of the technology to the creation and sale of NFTs.

Tasks Performed:

  • NFT Basics: We introduced participants to the world of NFTs, covering topics such as value assignment, the technology behind blockchain, different marketplaces and wallets, and how to avoid scams in this burgeoning ecosystem.
  • Digital Art and Character Creation: We delved into digital art, techniques for creating characters and their attributes, and how to effectively work with artists to materialize creative visions.
  • Combinations and Hosting of NFTs: We taught students how to combine images to generate NFTs, create metadata, and use IPFS storage to host the generated NFTs.
  • Web Development for NFT Projects: We addressed server choice, technology, the right template, and comprehensive web design for NFT projects.
  • Smart Contracts: We provided an in-depth view of smart contracts, from selection to implementation and connection to the web, and how to mint an NFT for sale.

If you’re looking to dive into the world of NFTs or learn more about our collaborations and services, we invite you to contact us and visit Founderz’s metaverse to experience our work firsthand.

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