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Title: Collaboration with First by Mobile: Development of NFT Business Unit

Date: [Publication Date]

We’re thrilled to share our recent collaboration with First by Mobile, a leading online marketing agency in Mexico. Together, we’ve paved an innovative path, introducing the captivating world of NFTs into the realm of digital marketing.

Tasks Performed:

  • Strategic Consultation: We began with strategic meetings to deeply understand First by Mobile’s objectives in their desire to integrate NFT solutions into their service portfolio.
  • Research and Strategy: We conducted thorough research on NFT technology and its impact on digital marketing, allowing us to design an implementation strategy tailored to the agency’s needs.
  • Training and Formation: We organized training sessions for the First by Mobile team, covering the basics of NFTs, their applications in marketing, and essential tools for their implementation.
  • Material Development: We crafted a presentation folder for the new business unit, outlining the value proposition and working methodology for their current and potential clients.
  • Acquisition Strategy: We designed a specific strategy to attract new clients interested in NFT solutions, leveraging current market trends.

Thanks to our expertise and collaborative approach, First by Mobile is now equipped to offer cutting-edge NFT solutions to their clients, positioning themselves as leaders in innovation in the digital marketing landscape in Mexico.

If you’re keen to learn how NFTs can revolutionize your marketing strategy or are interested in our consulting services, we invite you to contact us and visit First by Mobile to witness this collaboration in action.

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