Title: Website Design for Eunice Gil

Date: August 2023


We developed the website for Eunice Gil, a talent coach and consultant with over two decades of experience in the business and educational world. The website serves as a close, practical, and fun learning space, designed especially for those looking to enhance their skills and competencies.

Tasks Performed:

  1. Content Analysis: We studied Eunice Gil’s vast experience, which includes having conducted over 5000 job interviews and designed training and career plans for more than 3000 participants.
  2. Web Design: We crafted a design that reflects Eunice’s essence and professionalism, ensuring intuitive navigation and a clear presentation of her methodology and services.
  3. Content Integration: We incorporated information about the AFINA Method, an approach developed by Eunice that seeks to achieve productive results without sacrificing personal well-being. Learn more about methodologies and other relevant topics on our blog, such as what is visual identity and how to select the best domain name for your website.
  4. Podcast Section: We integrated a section dedicated to the “Tuned Talents” podcast, where Eunice addresses challenging and disruptive topics about current work experiences and creative leadership.
  5. Testimonials: We highlighted testimonials from satisfied clients, such as Mónica Quesada, Director of Success Academy, to provide a real perspective on the impact of Eunice’s work.

Technologies Used:

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