Title: Visual Identity and Landing Page Creation for Estudio Cosoleto

Date: [Publication Date]

We’re excited to share our recent collaboration with Estudio Cosoleto, an Argentine SME specializing in sports event organization. Our partnership focused on crafting a robust visual identity and a functional landing page that embodies the brand’s essence.

Tasks Performed:

  • Brand Image: Estudio Cosoleto’s visual identity was meticulously designed to reflect its passion and commitment to sports event organization. From the logo to the color palette, each element was chosen to create a cohesive and memorable visual experience.
  • Web Design: The landing page we developed for Estudio Cosoleto is straightforward yet effective, specifically designed to capture visitors’ attention and provide essential contact information.

If you’re seeking a tailored digital solution for your business or event, contact us and discover how we can assist you.

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