Title: Website Design for ART TO SWING

Date: August 2023

We’re excited to unveil the website we’ve crafted for ART TO SWING, an avant-garde platform dedicated to the production and trading of digital art pieces in Spain. The site’s design seamlessly blends the familiarity of web2 with the cutting-edge aesthetics of web3, mirroring the client’s forward-thinking vision.

Tasks Undertaken:

  • Web Design: We developed an art auction-oriented website, anticipating the shift towards web3 technology. Learn more about web design here.
  • Technologies Used: We utilized WordPress as the CMS, supplemented with the WooCommerce plugin and various Yith solutions, enabling direct sales, auctions, reverse auctions, product variations, and more.
  • Development & Copywriting: We closely collaborated with the client to achieve the desired aesthetics and assisted in content creation, ensuring clear communication for such a multifaceted project.

We take immense pride in our work for ART TO SWING. This website not only encapsulates their brand but also stands as a pivotal tool in connecting with their audience and broadening their clientele.

If you’re keen on our web design and development services, reach out to us. We invite you to delve into ART TO SWING’s website and witness our craftsmanship firsthand.


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