Hey! Have you heard about Andando En Línea? It’s this cool inline skating school in Argentina that’s making waves in the skating world. Their website, crafted with the magic of WordPress, is as dynamic and fresh as they are.

Over here at NFT Smart Design, we had the pleasure of working side by side with the Andando En Línea team to bring their digital platform to life. From the very first sketch, we made sure everything on the site had that special touch. Why WordPress, you ask? Well, it’s straightforward and versatile, perfect for giving Andando that modern look. And with added tools like WooCommerce, the possibilities are endless.

But it’s not all about design. We dove deep into the world of SEO so that when you search for anything related to inline skating, Andando is right there, waving at you from the top results. And if you’re curious about how we do these things, you can take a peek at our blog or learn more about our services in English.

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