Trabajos para el Sitio Web

KYS Management Cleaning

Proudly introducing the website crafted for KYS Management Cleaning, capturing their dedication to cleaning excellence. Using WordPress, we’ve molded a site that mirrors their brand and ethos. Dive into KYS Management Cleaning and our craftsmanship.

Betty’s Look

We designed the website for Betty’s Look, capturing Betty’s fashion passion. Using WordPress and other technologies, we crafted a visually appealing platform optimized for SEO. Dive into our work and the essence of Betty’s Look.

Virginia Guantanamera

“Dive into the vibrant world of Virginia Guantanamera, the Cuban singer-songwriter with a legacy spanning over 40 years. Discover how NFT Smart Design transformed her digital space, capturing her essence and musical journey. From dynamic design to SEO magic, see our work in action!”

La Torre del Mirador

Unveiling our digital transformation for the iconic La Torre del Mirador restaurant, emphasizing its unparalleled location and rich culinary heritage.

Transformate con Andrea

We crafted the website for Transfórmate with Andrea, a personal trainer and coach in Spain. The site embodies her passion for wellness and personal transformation.


We recently collaborated with Samburu Travel, a Spanish travel agency, to enhance their online presence. Our comprehensive digital strategy included a website redesign, SEO optimization, and custom plugin development. The result? A visually appealing, user-friendly site that has seen a significant increase in inquiries. Dive deeper into our digital expertise with articles on the Interplanetary File System, Virtual Wallets, and Business Planning.

Santiago Vivanco

We proudly present the newly designed website for Santi Vivanco, an expert in photography, graphic design, and poetry. Explore modern design, user-friendly features, and SEO optimization at


Colaboramos con Tu Punto Viajes, una destacada agencia de turismo chilena, para potenciar su presencia en línea. Transformamos su sitio web para ofrecer una experiencia de usuario interactiva y funcional, permitiendo a los visitantes explorar paquetes de viaje de manera organizada. Además, capacitamos al equipo para autoadministrar la información de los paquetes. El resultado: un sitio web atractivo y eficiente que mejora la interacción del usuario.

imagen portfolio web de sky trilogy


We crafted the website for A SKY TRILOGY, an avant-garde NFT collectible trilogy in Spain. The site embodies the cutting-edge nature of this trilogy, offering a unique experience.


Website development for Eunice Gil, an expert in talent coaching and training. The project reflects her unique methodology and offers valuable resources for professional and personal development.

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