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The logo design is a main element and one of the most important aspects of the visual identity of a project. It will give confidence to your potential client, as well as the recognition and differentiation of your brand with respect to the competition.

It is logical that when starting a new project we are concerned about the initial expenses. Our recommendation, a logo made by a professional will make a difference from your beginnings. The cost will vary according to different aspects.

BASIC PACK: It will be cheaper if we contract this type of pack in which a single proposal is included, as well as a review. The price will increase as more proposals and more revisions are included. A vector file will be delivered, in different jpg, pdf and svg formats.
COMPLETE PACK: It will include several proposals and revisions as well as different applications of the logo for corporate stationery, billboards, advertisements for publications both online and abroad, editorial design, among other options.

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