How to load crypto in Phantom Wallet?


In the previous post we showed you this post we will teach you how to create a phantom wallet for the Solana network, now we will explain how to fund your wallet from 0 to be able to acquire your NFTs in the Solana network.

Go to the Phantom Wallet extension (if you can’t find it click on the puzzle piece in your browser, top right) and enter the password (not the recovery words)

Click on deposit

Click on “Buy with Moonpay”

Select the crypto you want to buy and the quantity (in the event that we want to buy an nft we should first check in the marketplace in which currency it is being sold and its value to buy the necessary amount of said currency)

enter your email (important because that is where they will send you a verification code)

Then, from there you have to follow the steps like any online shopping platform with a credit or debit card. Depending on your bank and card, you will see your purchase in phantom wallet within a period of between 1 minute and 3 hours.


Litsto!!!, You already have funds in your wallet! All that remains is to go to the Marketplace where the NFT you want to buy is, log in there with your wallet and make the purchase.


The digital asset is already yours and your ownership will be registered in the blockchain in an unalterable way forever.

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