How to create a Phantom Wallet?


In this post we will teach you from scratch how to create a Phantom Wallet to be able to acquire your NFTs in the Solana network.

In any supported browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Opera) go to “” or google “Phantom wallet” and go to the website through that link
Click in download

Select your browser

The marketplace page of your browser will open, select “add to Chrome”, in the example it is chrome, in other browsers the screen will be very similar

Confirm that you want to add the extension

You already have Phantom wallet in your browser! Now we are going to create a new wallet, for that click on “create new wallet”

Create and confirm a secure password (we recommend using uppercase letters, lowercase numbers and symbols, and as long as possible. But make it memorable too)

Move the cursor over the little window where the keywords are, you will see them blurred until the cursor hovers over that window.
COPY THE KEYWORDS ON A PAPER. This is the fundamental step, if they lose those keywords they lose access to their money. So, copy down those key words, check that you copied them correctly, and put that paper in a safe place. NEVER pass those words on to anyone.

When you have your keywords copied, click on the option “I have saved my recovery phrase” and then click on “continue”

Ready, you already have your Fantom Wallet to operate with the Solana blockchain Created and added with an extension to your browser!

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