How to buy an NFT in Opensea?


In the previous posts we explained how to make your own wallet in Metamask, and then how to add the Polygon-Matic network to your metamask wallet, now we are going to explain how to buy NFTs in Opensea.

In any supported browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Brave) we go to .

2) we look for the collection that we want to see, or we can explore the different collections. In our case, we already know that we want to buy an NFT from the “emotions in the sea” collection, so we enter that in the search bar of the page.

We see what NFT we want and click on it

Once we are in the nft, we press “Make an offer” or “Buy” and it will ask us to connect our metamask wallet. We accept and confirm the transaction.

Ready, we already have our NFT in our metamask wallet. From there we can see it, use it, transfer it or whatever we want.

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