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Soledad Escandon

UX/UI Designer

I am Soledad Escandon, creator of NFT Smart Design, which arises from my years of experience starting a business in Argentina. Since graduating from psychology in 2007, I developed a particular interest in visual communication as a commercial tool, which is why I also began studies in graphic design. Combining my two passions, I specialized in the design and visual communication of my own projects. and from third parties. Undertaking has always been part of my identity, the desire to walk my own path with autonomy and freedom. I developed in different fields such as Fashion, Aesthetics, Publishing, Gastronomy and Sport. I participated in the process of creating and managing several brands: visual identity, development of creative packaging. Project management and assembly of premises in shopping centers. Development of communication channels and transformation of physical stores to e-commerce.
Design is my great passion and it accompanies me at all times and my studies in psychology provide me with a different perspective and interpretation, collaborating on each project.
At NFT Smart Design we work with an interdisciplinary team of Designers, Web Developers, Systems Analysts, Communications and Business Administration, to provide you not only with design but also with all the tools you need for your venture.

Gustavo Cosoleto

Accountant and business administrator

I am Gustavo Cosoleto, co-creator of NFT Smart Design. Since I graduated as a Public Accountant and Bachelor of Administration in 2005, I developed a particular interest in entrepreneurship, which is why I trained more in the matter and participated in various meetings, talks, forums and training. This allowed me to carry out my own ventures and advise third parties on theirs. Undertaking is always part of me, I develop in different areas such as Real Estate Projects, Retail, Gastronomy and Sports.
I participated in the organization and administration process of several brands: development of their administrative processes, control boards, measurement of kpi’s, etc. I got involved in all the different areas and activities of the operational wheel of an organization.
My passion for always being up to date with technological advances has always led me to seek ways to standardize and automate processes, find ways to optimize costs and improve profit margins.
This passion is what leads me today to get actively involved with the new blockchain technologies, in particular with the production, mining and commercialization of NFTs.

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